Sunday, May 20, 2012

Game Story #1

So, this is the first of many stories I have to post.
Hope you enjoy reading it.

One of our players picks Lee Sin for top, but after he sees Riven on the other team, he changes to jungle.
I pick jax to counter Riven.
I'm standing at our red in order to cover it and enemy team comes, Lee Sin was at wraiths and I leap into him to run away. They're all at our red, Lee Sin stays at wraiths and then flashes into them and gives them first blood.
Riven is pushing the lane, she's right under my turret and instead of ganking top, Lee Sin goes mid and gives another kill to the enemy team.
Xerath rages and leaves the game (5min).

The game went on until 20:00 when we surrendered.

PS: I regret not recalling these guys nicknames, but from now on I'll save the nicknames of the trolls and post them here aswell.

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